Distributed Power Wireless Control System was developed for WAG9 & WAG9H class of locomotives to provide Distributed Power Operation for achieving heavy haul. Using DPWCS, Distributed Power (DP) operation is possible wireless. In DP operation, two or more locomotives are attached in one train but dispersed at different locations. The operation command of the train is achieved from the lead loco known as the Master using a single set of crew. Other locomotives are Slaves which receives command from the Master and do not normally have crew. The Slave locomotives which are distributed in a train, obeys the command from the master locomotive through radio signals. DP operation enables heavy haul and other benefits like increased throughput.


DIU (Driver Interface Unit):

DIU is an interface between the driver and system. The DIU acts as terminal, simply to receive and display information from CCU (Control & Communication Unit) and to send keyed in information to CCU. It supports MVB ESD/EMD or serial 485.

BIU (Brake Interface Unit):
Brake Interface Unit is the unit that takes the Brake and pressure value as input in master mode and injects the master brake value in slave mode. There are two processor modules in the BIU viz. BRAKE_MAIN and BRAKE SENTINAL. BRAKE_MAIN does all the controlling function where as the BRAKE SENTINAL monitors the brake status.

Radio Modem with Antenna:

The radio modem is designed for transmitting data in the VHF and UHF bands. The radio modem uses 4-state FSK modulation providing for a maximum signalling rate of 21.68 kbit/s. It is of modular design with one to four standard RS232 ports. The configuration can be extended by an Ethernet interface and also by a module with analog and digital inputs/outputs. The power of the radio modem transmitter is digitally set in sixteen steps from 0.1 to 5 W.

CCU (Control & Communication Unit):

Control & Communication Unit is the heart of DPWCS. It takes all the commands and status information from Loco-Pilot (LP), Driver Interface Unit (DIU), Brake Interface Unit (BIU) and LOCO through MVB. It processes on the inputs taken from MVB and transmit/receives depending on the operating modes (MASTER/SLAVE/MAIN/STANDBY).