The Master Controller developed by us will be suitable for WAP5, WAP7 & WAG9 classes of locomotives and its variants. It works using a different principle as compared to the master controllers currently being used in these classes of locomotives. The master controller has essentially three functional components, viz. (i) Angle Transmitter, (ii) CAM operated switches to sense TE (or BE), ZERO position, 1/3 position, 2/3 position & (iii) Forward/Reverse selector switch, which also has CAM operated switches and mechanically interlocked with the throttle handle.
The heart of the master controller is the angle transmitter, which is expected to provide a current output (4-20mA) proportional to the angle position of the throttle handle. We have developed a angle encoder using Contact less rotary position sensor over 360°. It has huge advantage compared to the currently being used.