The Pressure sensor is made of piezo-resistive pressure sensor packaged in surface mount configuration and attached to a ceramic substrate, capable of an operating temperature(fluid temperature) of -40°C to +125°C. The sensing element associated with the amplifier and current converter,housed in a printed circuit board, will be embedded in a stainless steel housing. Packaged pressure sensor will work as a two wire sensor providing 4-20mA output corresponding to 0-4 bar pressure.
The differential amplifier will be housed in an aluminium enclosure. The differential amplifier has two input channels and each of these input channel can accept a 4-20mA signal coming from the pressure sensor. The output of the amplifier is the difference of the two input pressures(differential) and is provided as 4-20mA signal. Both input and output signals are connected to the amplifier through 5 pin circular connectors of type KPSE06E14-5S and corresponding mating receptacle in the amplifier housing.