Doppler Radar based Adhesion Control System is developed for improving the realizable adhesion in WAG9 & WAG9H class locomotives during wheel slip conditions which occurs due to bad weather and poor track conditions. Using a Doppler Radar, the ground speed is detected, which is compared with each axle speed. The slipping bogie is identified precisely and instantaneous tractive effort correction is applied to bring the condition to non-slipping state. After slip is controlled, the tractive effort is restored back to the original value or to a safe level where re-adhesion is achieved.


The Delta DRS1000 Non-contact Speed Sensor is a Doppler radar sensor suitable for a wide variety of speed measurement applications.
The sensor may be placed on a moving vehicle to measure vehicle ground speed. It my also be mounted in a stationary position to measure the speed of a moving object which can be anything from a thin wire passing under the sensor to a vehicle 300 meters away. The output of the sensor is a pulse with a frequency proportional to the measured speed. The cumulative number of pulses may be used to determine distance travelled or the length of a moving surface.