The remote diagnostic equipment collects the status of the locomotive, faults developed in a running locomotive and transmits to the base station server on real time on a wireless network. The equipment continuously polls the internal status of the locomotive and upon generation of any faults or system generated alerts, the same is captured and sent to a base server. The equipment is MVB based which gets connected to the WAP5/WAP7/WAG9 class of locomotives running in Indian Railways. The function of the equipment can be extended to cater to any type of rolling stock. There is an associated roof mounted unit which houses multiple modems and GPS receiver. Many process variables of the locomotive can be captured through MVB and transmitted to base station.



Displays the real time status of locomotive. Real time parameters include Loco number, type of loco, shed, date, time, speed, panto, vcb, isolation, nearest station and so on. Individual loco position can be viewed in google maps and loco,type or shed can be filtered to view individual loco details. Each locomotive is provided a status to indicate if loco is in motion, speed is 0 kmph, vcb is ON/OFF or if no data available from the past 3 hours along with a view of latest 5 faults occurred. Locomotive details can be exported to either word, pdf or excel. Links are provided to download the user manual and to install the Remote Diagnostic System mobile app.

2. MAP

Provides a view of locomotive positions in the google maps. Each of it is indicated with different markers to specify which shed it belongs to and each marker provides information such as loco number, type, shed, speed and nearest station when clicked.

3. DDS

Faults occurred in locomotives are captured and displayed in DDS(Diagnostic Data Set) page along with DDS reference number. History of faults generated for individual loco can be viewed by clicking on the links provided. Also allows filtering loco, type or shed to view individual loco generated faults.


Each loco with a selected number of parameters along with time are displayed in a graphical view. Parameters include Traction/Braking Effect, speed, catenary voltage, temperatures and so on. Filters are provided to view graphs for different loco's for a specific period of time.


Displays the status of locomotives from past 24 hours for selected number of Real Time Signals. Real Time Signals include speed, panto, vcb, vcat, primary current, oil pressure, oil temperature and so on. Loco,type or shed can be filtered to view past 24 hours individual loco details or to view loco details over a period of time.


Maximum number of occurrences of a particular fault occurred in all the locomotives is displayed. Further filtration can be done to view maximum number of occurrences of a fault message in individual locomotive.


Displays Background Data Signal values related to the selected processor and DDS message. Processors include ASC1, ASC2, BUR1, BUR2, BUR3, DDA1, DDA2, FLG1, FLG2 and so on. Individual Loco Background Data Signal values can be filtered for a specific period of time.


Provides a view of latest 50 positions the selected locomotive has traversed and displays the path in google maps.